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Here’s How Exzellenz Career Shapers Pvt Ltd Has Increased Its HR Operational Efficiency With factoHR’s Partnership

factoHR, one of the most effective cloud-based solutions for all of your HR management issues, is always trying to develop a well-designed platform that connects businesses and individuals inside an organization. Its unwavering efforts have aided it in achieving amazing achievements in recent years, particularly in satisfying over 1500 customer organizations presently on board. And one of the familiar clients onboard is Exzellenz Career Shapers Pvt Ltd. In this article, let us discuss the partnership between factoHR and Exzellenz Career Shapers Pvt Ltd, as well as how the latter has benefited in increasing their operational efficiency by embracing the former.

In order to understand this better, firstly, let us brief ourselves about Exzellenz Career Shapers Pvt Ltd. It is a company specialized in delivering personalized counseling experiences based on the marks and ranks of the users. Exzellenz Career Shapers Pvt Ltd strives to ease the primary doubts of the concerned students and parents by employing curated experts in career guidance. In short, it is a one-stop solution for optimizing career options, as well as making better career choices in everything related to medical and engineering education. Are you wondering in all this how factoHR helped the company improve their HR operational efficiency? Well, here’s how.

Exzellenz Career Shapers Pvt Ltd testifies as follows about factoHR’s HR platform - “factoHR is an all-in-one solution that has helped us manage HR, attendance, leave, and employee asset data in one place. With factoHR’s integration, automated workflows, and proper security controls, we are able to improve data accuracy, authentication and remove data manipulation. factoHR’s asset module helps us streamline employee asset allocation and collection. Their ESS portal helped us increase employee engagement through personalized greetings and reminders. factoHR has improved our operation efficiency by 60% and increased employee engagement 2X.”